Tuesday, March 3, 2015

So Long February...

I have to be honest, I'm kind of excited that February has come to a close. There were some scary family health issues, I had strep throat meaning that I missed A LOT of school, and unfortunately I had to deal with being bullied by a classmate. Definitely glad to close the door on all of those hardships. But in every period of darkness, there is always good to be found, should you choose to focus on it. And that is exactly what I'm choosing to do. So on that note, here are my February Highlights! 

A DIY Valentine's Day Wreath for the Door and some Delicious Chocolates

Spoiled myself with a Shellac Manicure and a Pedicure Too! Picked Bright Spring colors to help cheer me up and maybe warm me up during all of this cold cold weather

Even with all of the school I seemed to have missed, I think I learned and accomplished a lot this month 
Dental School
>> 56hours of Lecture and 32hours in Dental Lab

>> 25hours of independent Studying and 4hours practicing in Dental Lab

>> 10hours in Clinic! Just before the month ended, I started seeing real live patients. Definitely more on this to come! 

>>Learned how to suture up a patient's wound

>>Started [seriously] studying for the national boards 

>>Learned more about the Pediatric Patient! I think that children make for the most interesting patients because they have a mix of baby teeth and adult teeth! And it was a pretty perfect time to learn about this since February is National Children's Dental Health Month 

With a month focused on sweets, it was definitely hard to be constantly choosing between breakfasts like 
this OR this 

But I think that all of my early morning workouts helped to balance it all out because I managed to lose a little more weight this month! 

Our Long Distance Valentine's Day didn't keep us from showing each other love. I may have spent the majority of the day at the doctor's office with Strep Throat, but I still enjoyed the beautiful flowers that husband sent me and some very sweet treats. 

and don't worry Husband got a few goodies from me too! 

New socks and a shaving kit from the Art of Shaving...

Plus a custom card for my Forever Valentine! 

Honored Black History Month by talking about my experience as a Minority in Medicine-Oh and all of the African American dental students came together for a celebratory brunch...I kicked butt at Black History Trivia 

Then off to Boston for a Day to take part in a Very Special Celebration....

A city full of Brown Stones and Historic buildings...How could I not be in love? Even if it is covered in fluffy white mounds from one of the snowiest winters in history! 

Plus Boston is home to the cutest husband who turned 26! Loved getting to celebrate Husband's Birthday by filling up the weekend with skiing, sushi dates, a cooking class, and the best birthday brunch

There were lots of gifts and goodies from all of us who love him most! 

Plus I couldn't resist making Husband another custom card 

but..um seriously why is EVERYTHING in Boston so Pretty? 

Hated to leave that city and the wonderful man that lives there, but I'm excited about the Start of March and hopefully the coming of Spring? 


  1. Whoa you sure were busy haha! Sorry to hear about that student bullying you, but I'm glad everything worked out! My bf loves art of shaving products too! The sandalwood smells so good on him haha!

    1. Looking forward to see what else you're up to for March! Luckily I'll be getting back to blogging a bit more myself :-)

    2. This was our first experience with the Art of Shaving...love the Sandalwood and it's effects. I can't to read your upcoming posts-they are always so original