Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back & Catching Up

This has been the craziest week...the kind where the laundry piles up so high you just want to hide from it. But at least the kitchen is spotless and why shouldn't it be since you've been eating out non-stop. There has been very little time to catch up, which means everything takes twice as long. It may even get so bad that you find a coffee cup in the shower. And the car keys you spent 15 minutes searching for, well they were in the fridge. 
 And then you realize, it's only Wednesday! 
to be fair, Life has been on hold these past couple of weeks while I was studying for boards. Now, that I've taken my exam, a slightly less hectic version of my schedule can resume. Last night was spent relaxing with wine..and gelato. But as for today, it's time to get everything back on track. I'm going to tackle the piles of laundry and sort through the stack of mail. PJ needs to go to the groomer's and I do too for that matter. Seriously, the eyebrow situation is getting out of control. Plus, getting back into clinic and working with patients. Husband and I are off for a much needed vacation this weekend so I really need to get my life in order again before we take off. But what I'm most excited about is getting back into blogging. This little space has been neglected, but I'm back now and eager to have this as a creative outlet again. Time to finish and publish all of posts sitting in draft folder! 


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    1. I have been totally out of it, which is why I accidentally just deleted your comment. Sorry but I am seriously scatter-brained right now. Anyways, I know how the cup ended up in the shower. I decided to have my coffee while waiting for my conditioner to set in. The keys are another story though. The only reason I even found them was because I gave up searching and decided to have a snack instead. And when I opened the fridge, they were there.