Saturday, August 29, 2015

Old Sacramento

After spending an amazing morning air-balloning in Napa, we hopped in the car and drove to Sacramento. Sacramento is only a hour drive from Napa and it's also the state capital of California. So even though it wasn't originally on the itinerary, we decided that it could be a great place to be. It's very much outside of my comfort zone to deviate from our scheduled plans, but there always needs to be some spontaneity involved when traveling. 

As you've probably noticed from some of my past posts, I enjoy taking risks, but I am oddly uneasy and afraid when crossing bridges. Seriously, those things collapse all the time. Yet, I loved crossing the Tower Bridge over the Sacramento River to get into the city. Maybe it's because it was so bright and welcoming, but instead of being freaked out, I was just excited. 

When Tom and I arrived in Sacramento, we actually beelined it straight to Starbucks and ended up hunkering down, taking advantage of the free wifi in order to get a few hours worth of work done. We really need to get a better grasp on understanding the true definition of VACATION. But after working, it was time to play and we decided to spend our short time in Old Sacramento. 

Old Sacramento is one of those places that could be totally cheesy, but this place is done well and it was actually pretty fun. We had a blast traveling around the Old West. 

there were endless free samples of old fashioned candy 
and cowboy boots everywhere you turned 

this is why I can't take Tom anywhere///it's why I love going everywhere with him 

Added bonus, Old Sacramento is home to California's Railroad Museum, which gave us a chance to learn all about the impact of the railroad system in California.

So if like us, you ever just happen to be in the neighborhood, experiencing Old Sacramento is definitely worth stopping for 

Then back into the car where we spent the last hours of daylight driving through El Dorado National Forest and arriving in Lake Tahoe just in time to set up camp

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  1. Old Sacramento looks gorgeous! I love quaint old towns, so I think I would love it there.