Sunday, October 18, 2015

snapshots [10.18.15]

Had an amazing weekend and it's about time I check in with a few snippets. 
This weekend in Boston was a little colder than we bargained for with 40 degree weather and snow flurries in October! This called for lots of hot coffee and freshly baked apple cider donuts to warm things up.
I decided to eat healthy the rest of the weekend to make up for all of the donuts, but then this happened. Oops!  
The highlight of the weekend was spending some time at the House of Blues. Our taste in music is a bit obscure so this is our favorite venue because it has hosted some of our favorites. We were there to see Glass indie band from England. 
We bought the cheapest floor seats. Then we used our usual trick to skip the lines. We ended up being only a few feet from stage with the best views ever. When they played their top single (Gooey), the lead singer came down into the crowd. I may have had to throw a few elbows to keep from getting trampled. It was total chaos! Twenty-something me thought it was ridiculous, but seventeen year me was like OMG I just touched Dave Bayley. 
After the Mosh Pit, a long soak in the tub was necessary...made even better by my recent discovery of the Lush Bath Bombs. Seriously, why have I not used one of these before? Total Game Changer
And finally, we spent Sunday afternoon at the pumpkin patch, which is basically the best part of October
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  1. Those apple ciders look so delicious!! Sounds like a fun concert, and the pumpkin patch is the best!

    1. I think that they are too good is the problem...I eat these every week now

  2. Snow already!? Nooo! Way too early for that haha!

    1. Yea I couldn't believe it. And us being the crazy's that we are, we stood there in the cold while our pup ran around at the dog park. At least one of us had a good time