Monday, October 19, 2015

Review: Banana Republic Sloan Ankle Pants

I normally stay away from dress pants because I'm curvy and short (only 5'2'') so I end up looking like an Oompa Loompa
 Thick Thighs + Fitted Pants = a bad combination 
Basically, it's impossible for me to find dress pants, but I've been wanting to try the Sloan pant from Banana Republic for a while now and they finally released a design that I couldn't resist. 
Blouse: J Crew Factory {exact for $13}
Sloan Ankle Pants: Banana Republic {exact on sale}
Heels: J Crew Factory {exact
Bow Headband: Forever 21 {similar}

The BR Sloan pant comes in so many colors, but I decided to pick them up in Black Rose because they have a classy subtle pattern that makes the pants look more expensive than they actually are. 

These have a cotton/viscose/spandex combo that make them surprisingly thick without feeling heavy. A neutral version of this pant will work year round. My color choice is going to work perfectly for Autumn/Winter weather. 
Pocket Placement 
Not every version of the Sloan pant has pockets, but these do and they are located in the right places for flattering the body. The front pockets especially help my curvy shape because it breaks up the thigh area. The back pockets are located high enough that they don't make me look too bootylicious. And not that I'd ever really use them, but they are true pockets, which is rare. 
These are available in short, regular, and tall. For ankle pants, these are a bit long on me, but this was by choice. At 5'2'', I could have grabbed the short version, but I like the length and decided to stick with regular. 
Leather Trim
These are the only version of the Sloan pants with leather trim. It's located at the top of every pocket, which adds visual interest and texture. The trim is also along the ankle, which is great for drawing attention to a cute pair of heels. 
These were originally priced at $90, which I think is very fair. Can you tell that I love them? Added bonus, they are currently on sale for $50 
Dry Clean Only 
That being said, I wash most of my dry clean only clothes myself. And these are no exception. But this is definitely something to consider. 
I know that I listed sizing as a pro, but it's also a con for me. I'm wearing an 8 here, but I was torn between a Size 8 and a Size 10. Because of the elastic/viscose material, the Size 10 fit my thighs/legs about the same as the Size 8. However, the 10 offered a bit more room in the hips. I would have preferred the 10, but the pockets sat too low on the thigh and it made me look even shorter than I am. I had to go with the Size 8 in order to have the pockets fit just right.My pro list is obviously much longer than my con list, so these are keepers in my opinion. Whether you're super thin or extra curvy, I think that these would be flattering to most any body type. My absolute favorite part is that these pants will stand out on their own, while still playing well with others. I paired these with a striped heel and an attention grabbing tee and it still worked well without being over the top.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love everything about these pants! The color, the subtle print, the leather trim...I'm not a huge fan of dress pants usually because I feel like they're boring but these are so great!

    1. I'm totally with you on that. I think most dress pants are boring too! But these are fun while still being office appropriate. Though they are comfy enough that I will be wearing them casually as well

  2. Those pants look great! Usually, Banana Republic is out of my budget range, but on sale, it just might work. Btw, I was in a long-distance marriage, too, for several years. It didn't work out, but not because of the distance. In fact, that's probably why it lasted as long as it did. ;)

    Saw you in the What I Wore linkup. Here's my What I Wore post...

    Have a great day!