Saturday, October 24, 2015

White Jeans & Bean Boots

I finally bought myself a pair of Bean Boots, which are pretty much a requirement for all New Englanders. Especially, when it's only October and there have already been snow flurries! 
The problem with owning a popular item like these boots is that it becomes easy to lose your personal style. I didn't want to turn into a of those girls with bean boots, blue jeans, and a plaid shirt. Complete with a Starbucks cup in hand and plastered all over Instagram. I felt like pairing these with bright white jeans was unexpected…just what I was going for.Lace Tee: J Crew Factory 
White Jeans: Articles of Society {exact}
Cardigan: J Crew Factory 
Boots: LL Bean {exact}The leather/rubber material in these hand-made boots make them ideal for trudging through New England snow. For now, they are just super comfy and warm so I've been wearing them on repeat
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  1. This is such a fun fall look! Love your boots!

    Oby Grace

    1. Thanks Grace, I'm loving these boots too, especially since it's been raining non-stop and they are waterproof