Sunday, October 11, 2015

City by the Bay

Our very last visit during our week in California was San Francisco. Last time we were there, we had an amazing night out and spent a day biking all over the city. This time around, we only had a few hours before catching a red-eye home. While my instincts told me to squeeze in as much as we possibly could, we ultimately decided to slow down, relax, and really enjoy the City by the Bay.
After having a week of not sleeping enough, we were definitely cranky and tired at the end of our trip. But when we arrived in San Francisco, we perked right up. Because how could we be anything but excited with a view like this?
We decided to spend a few hours at Ocean Beach, which is home to the Sutro Baths at the nearby Land's End 

Who wouldn't want to spend the day with this Beach Bum!?! 
 We had been go go go for days and this was the perfect place to slow down our pace

I wasn't exactly dressed for hiking, but I made do because it was so beautiful here 
like list of reasons as to why we need to move to San Francisco keeps getting longer and longer

And because you can't go to San Francisco without seeing the Golden Gate, we headed over the Pier 39 to take a sunset cruise under the bridge 

Perfect Sunset + a Perfect Husband 
Cannot believe that we biked across the Golden Gate and now we were boating under it

With only 5 hours in San Francisco, we spent them the best way possible. They were relaxing, but still had plenty packed in, which is just my style. And as we caught our red-eye out of Oakland, we could see fireworks going off in the Bay. It was like our personal goodbye. 
It was a wonderful {half} day in the city by the bay and we will be back!

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