Friday, November 13, 2015

Halloween 2015

It's about time I share our Halloween celebrations! Yes, I am aware that Halloween was like two weeks ago, but things have gotten a bit crazy around here. And while Halloween has come and gone, I couldn't go without documenting Halloween 2015 because it's obviously the funnest holiday. And the oddest one too. When you're little, you get to play dress up in public and people give you candy for it. 
Then as a teen, you age out of trick or treating and Halloween loses a bit of its grandeur. But as an adult, Halloween is suddenly magical again because you're over being too cool to play dress up. 
Because Halloween was on a Saturday this year, it started off with sleeping in
Once we finally woke up, Husband and I tried our hand at making pumpkin banana chocolate french toast. And yes, it was as good as it sounds.
After our very late breakfast, we spent the day lazying around. And because I wasn't feeling well, much of that time was spent sleeping. But I finally got up and got PJ out for a walk, which got my energy up. 
I started feeling better as the day progressed and we decided at the 11th hour to head out for the evening. So what do you do at 8PM on Halloween night when you don't have a costume? You improvise! We needed something with minimal work since we were short on time, but we wanted something clever too. We came up with Young and Old Michael Jackson. 
Young MJ's style involved lots of black, metallics, and leather. Well that's easy! All I really had to do was get dressed just like any other day. I tossed on a black fedora, my leather pants, a peplum top, and a pair of metallic shoes. Husband thought is was funny that so many people asked me throughout the night if I had bought these shoes just for the costume. Um, no I totally already owned them. Ha!  
As Old MJ, Husband was trying to imitate this. We picked up a doll (which is now PJs  favorite chew toy) and a fun wig on our way to the party. And Ta Da! 
a DIY MJ costume: Young and Old
I like to think that we will plan ahead a bit more for next years costume, but between last year and this one, this whole last minute costume thing seems to work out for us pretty well. 

By the way, Happy Friday 13th! 

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