Sunday, November 29, 2015

November Spending

Nothing, but shock and amazement right now about the fact that I didn't go crazy buying all the things during Black Friday Sales, especially since I had the wiggle room. But the whole point of having a yearly budget was to force myself to make thoughtful purchases and I really didn't have anything that I needed. Nor did I want to buy things for the sake of buying them just because they were on sale. Don't worry, Black Friday was not wasted upon me, I picked up plenty of gifts for others. In the meantime, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I may actually end this year under budget! 

Boatneck Sweater// Original $78 on Sale for $25

Holiday Sweater// Original $36 on Sale for $13
While some of the holiday sweaters out there are kind of ridiculous, I still really wanted one…like really really really wanted one. But how could I justify buying a sweater that I could only wear in December? Then I stumbled upon this one, which I actually think is cute! Plus, I could totally get away with wearing it Fall through Winter since it's not covered in Christmas trees or holiday sayings. Best part, it was so inexpensive, but it's surprisingly warm too! I adore this sweater and I received so many compliments when I wore it here

Plaid Button Down// Original $78 on Sale for $55
Finally found a plaid button down that actually fits me and is gorgeous too! You can read all about the tumultuous struggle in the fitting room here. Warning: it wasn't pretty. 

December Total: $93
Yearly Total $1500- $50[January]- $160[February]- $75[March]- $317[April]- $0[May]- $30[June]- $110[July]- $170[August/September]- $198[October]- $93[November] = $287 remaining for the year

Noticing that everything I picked up this month was on the festive side, which is just fine with me. Did anyone else pick up any holiday styles?  

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