Sunday, March 20, 2016

window sill garden

happy first day of spring! 
We're expecting snow tonight, but it's supposedly spring so today we worked on our window sill garden. We spent 3 hours making a huge mess, the pup broke a clay pot, and I managed to get a cactus spine stuck in my arm {tweezers to the rescue} BUT it was worth it to see the finished product. If it's going to be cold and snowy outside, then we will have to recreate spring inside.  
Just because we live in an apartment doesn't mean that we can't have a garden. First up was replanting our amaryllis and tulip bulbs. The amaryllis are done blooming for the year, but I'm hoping the tulips bloom just in time for our Easter table. 
 target dollar spot galvanized bucket + chalkboard label = 
Instant Adorable Planter! 
We finished planting the succulents from our wedding. I'm still completely amazed that planting this succulent petal will turn into…
these gorgeous beauties
a panoramic of our window sill garden…it's officially filled with planters, which is the perfect way to usher in spring
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