Wednesday, July 27, 2016

day trip diaries: cape cod

Wanderlust Wednesday-Week 20 
After my birthday tea last month, sweet husband planned for us to have a day in Cape Cod. But Cape Cod isn't a single place, it's a cluster of several towns. We headed to Provincetown, which is right at the northern tip of the Cape. Not only is Provincetown the very first landing spot of the pilgrims, it represents classic Cape Cod. 
                          Thankful that Cape Cod is so close to us in Boston. 
Perfect drive to the cutest town = honk if you agree!

best birthday workout climbing to the top of pilgrim monument…so worth it to get these great views of the city 
 ending the day with the first of many birthday dinners to come 
loved you Cape Cod and loved another perfect new england day 

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