Wednesday, September 21, 2016

the {white} mountains are calling!

Wanderlust Wednesday-Week 27
every new englander knows the lure of the white mountains and they have been calling to us for far too long
golden sun peaking over the clouds in a sky filled with hues of pink, purple, and blue
the hard granite of the mountainside covered in soft green earth
walking right through waterfalls with the freshest spring water misting your face
we couldn't resist a trip to the white mountains of new hampshire 
tuckerman's ravine trail
tuckerman's ravine trail
white mountains were calling
We've been hiking all over New England this summer…Maine, Connecticut, Vermont. But something about this trip felt completely different. Let's chalk this magical experience up to all the waterfalls shall we? Our main hike was to take the gorgeous Tuckerman's Ravine Trail up to Mount Washington=tallest peak in the northeast. It was a tough 8 miles constantly climbing up the mountain rock face, but oh so beautiful. I lost track of the waterfalls after the sixth one, which is why this hike was easily one of my favorites EVER. married hikers new hampshire

tuckerman's ravine trail
mt washington
 The best part of all the waterfalls is the fresh drinking water they provided. It was so pure that you could drink it straight from the stream, which we did. It was the most refreshing drink that I've ever had…even better than champagne. 
drink spring watertuckerman's ravine trail mt washington hike
 hiking right through waterfalls 
waterfall showerlions head trail mt washington

That night we camped in Franconia Notch State Park. I loved how secluded our campground was, but we did have a visitor in the middle of the night. I woke to the sound of a black bear wandering right  through our campsite. Thankfully, husband's snoring {black bears are easily frightened by loud noise} scared him off! The next morning we found out that the bear broke into someone's car to steal food. This is the 2nd time we've had this happen while camping. Thankfully, it wasn't our car either time, but I'm wondering if our car insurance protects against bear damage? 
franconia notch camping
 Night time campfires are great, but calm morning fires during cool mornings with a hot coffee are on another level. 
franconia notch camping
Packed up camp, but before we left, we took a quick trip to The Flume…a gorgeous green gorge with even more waterfalls. The White Mountains really do show off. 
visit the flume
flume gorge
flume gorge
We loved this adventure so much, full of nothing but magic and beauty. In fact, we've already got a fall trip planned to head back. Can you imagine how beautiful it will be when all this green turns into its autumn colors? Promise me, that is the white mountains ever call to you, you will go. 

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