Saturday, February 10, 2018

dear february

dear february, please slow down. You are already too short and I want to make the most of you, but you're zipping right by. 
dear love day, looks like I will be spending you alone again this year. But don't feel too sorry for me, I'm currently celebrating you early in one of my favorite cities. 

dear cupidthank you for sending arrows my way all those years ago to allow me to find my forever valentine.

dear husbandthank you for being mine. 

dear pie hearts, you are my new favorite sweet treat and the simplest to bake.

dear phildalephiayou are so wonderful and special to my marriage. Thank you for being the city where we first met and fell in love. And thank you for allowing us to recreate Tom's proposal last night with a special dinner date and stroll. I cannot wait to explore more of you this weekend.  

dear winterhere is my love letter just for you. 

dear XOXO, let's see a little more of you. 

dear love day pastthank you for always giving us a reason to come together and celebrate our love. I've loved celebrating you in a different city every year. Last year in New York and the year before in Boston. And now this year in Philadelphia. 

dear dental school, you have been stressing me out lately, but I love you extra this month with finding out the best rotation schedule

dear love, you are the greatest in every form. 


  1. a sweet post..
    a agree about February being a blurr
    cute heart pies