Tuesday, August 28, 2018

drowning in dentures

Be careful what you wish for. For months, I was feeling upset that I hadn't yet had the opportunity to fabricate any dentures for patients. I was really starting to get worried about it because at my dental school, dentures are one of those procedures that slows people down with being able to graduate. 
Between the cost and time commitment needed from the patient, it can be difficult to get denture cases. Well, I got my dentures and then some. I've actually given some of my cases away (hopefully that doesn't backfire) because I had too many. Even still, I have several cases in process that I'm hoping to complete before I leave the dental school and go on my away rotations in just a few weeks. It takes 6 different appointments with the patient with labwork to be done between to complete all the steps. For my first denture, it took me 37 hours outside of school/clinic time to do all of the labwork for my patient, so there is actually a lot involved. Thankfully, I'm faster at it now, but it's still time consuming. So right now, I'm spending lots of early mornings and late nights at the dental school in order to get things done. I was up late last night setting denture teeth. I will spend all day in clinic today doing denture appointments and then have another late one setting teeth tonight. Wish me luck that my patients continue on this journey with me and that I get all of these completed. 

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