Saturday, December 1, 2018

ho ho hold onto your {santa} hats!

Hold onto your santa hats ladies and gentlemen becuase it's going to be a bumpy sleigh ride. I don't know about ya'll, but on top of being the most wonderful time of the year, December is always always always the busiest month of the year around here. As if the holiday festivities and ending yet another year (and another semester) weren't enough to contend with, I go and do crazy things to our schedule. Case in point, later this month, we are headed to AfRICA! Oh, and also visiting Europe along the way because why not? 
When I think of Christmases Past, my head spins a little. And that's not the spiked eggnog talking! Some of my favorite photos from previous years are featured above. Last Christmas felt like a complete whirlwind to finish up a challenging term of dental school with doing all the holiday shopping and christmas card mailing in-between. We also managed to visit Iceland and let's not forget about driving all the miles across multiple states to visit family and friends in time for Christmas. The year before that, I traveled through 5 different countries over the holidays: Monaco, SpainItaly, France, and Mexico. Thankfully, this year, we are slightly more prepared for the chaos of the holidays. Our Christmas shopping is done and gift wrapping is already well under-weigh. And Christmas cards aren't far behind. Just need to dust off our passports and prepare for our annual holiday trip. So bring on the red cups, twinkling lights, and tacky sweaters because this is going to be one crazy month. 

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  1. I can't wait to see more about your holiday travels! Be safe - have fun!