Tuesday, May 14, 2019

grad school grad!

 I am so incredibly grateful for the overwhelming support from my family and friends throughout this long journey of achieving my childhood dream. I'm also grateful for the amazing teachers and dentists and staff and mentors and patients that encouraged me along the way. And believe it or not, I'm also grateful to all of you. Yes, you, the person reading this post right now.
I struggled and stumbled along this path more than once, but always found the resilience to keep going, and that is in major part thanks to everyone who supported me, including this online community. It sounds silly, but over the years of blogging, I have made some true friends that are also complete strangers. So to anyone who has been kind enough to read my rants, leave encouraging comments, and even reach out to me directly, thank you for your support. 

Dress: J Crew Guipure Lace that I am obsessed with and is on sale now. Also loving this version of the dress without the enamel buttons, but with more exaggeration of the lace
P.S. I also wore a pink dress to my college graduation because who says smart girls that love science can't be bubbly in pink? It's a real Ele Woods story
Shoes: Lilly Pulitzer {my exact style is no longer available, but these are very similar}
Cap & Hood: the most expensive piece of the entire outfit, but the best accessories a girl could ask for!  

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  1. I love these pictures. That wall mural is SO PERFECT! Congratulations again!