Sunday, May 12, 2019

first paddle

This weekend we went out on our first paddle of the season and it felt like the official kick off to what will hopefully be an amazing summer!  
We dock onto the Elizabeth River that comes off the Chesapeake Bay. It was so nice to drop in and since the conditions were so flat, we kayaked further than we have before in this inlet.

It felt too funny to be on the water side kayaking past all the places that we bike through, but also pretty amazing. We paddled right up to the Nauticus that houses the USS Wisconsin, a 1940's battle ship. I'm not even sure if we are allowed to be that close to it, but we did it and had the best time paddling around and admiring the ship from the water.  

Love that our first time kayaking out this summer was such a success exploring a new spot and we can't wait for more weekly kayaking sessions all summer long. 

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