Friday, March 28, 2014

March Budget: Pushing the Boundaries

It's funny how drastically our styles change over time. I find that once I love something I love it forever as I will never grow tired of lace or bright patterns. I am also finding that things I once hated like female loafers, studded shoes, and leopard print are now items on my must have list. These kinds of things are completely out of my normal comfort zone and I think that's what I love most about them. It's good to push your fashion boundaries every once in a while.  

1. Zigi Soho Simpson Flat in Taupe: $30  Original $60
2. Gap Printed Pointy Flats in Navy Polka Dot: $26 Original $39.95
3. Vans Canvas in Pewter & White: $27 Original $50  Worn here
4. Sam Edelman Astor in New Nude Leopard: $66 Original $150 Worn here

5. Gap Essential Multi Color Crew Tee: $10 
6. Gap Essential Multi Color V-neck Tee: $10 
7. Gap Skinny Mini Skimmer Khakis in Pacific Mist: $25 Original $50
Not sure if I'm keeping these pants yet. I'm going to hold on to them for a little while until I decide.
8. J Crew Factory Metallic Brocade Mini in Glided Aqua Jacquard: $42 Original $75
9. Francesca Crocheted Shorts: $38 Worn here

Update: I really wanted to make this skirt work because I loved the pattern but when I was honest with myself it was just not a fit. The skirt was a lot thinner then I would have expected and the cut just didn't work for my body. I didn't even think that it was worth it to try and have it altered.

March Total: $232
This month was definitely on the heavier side for me because I made a lot of shoe purchases. I will definitely have to trim down next month. Because I picked up quite a few Spring and Summer staples this month, that shouldn't be to hard to do.

Yearly Budget Update: Based on $150 a month on clothing/accessories. This is based on 11 months, not 12 because February was a no buy month for me and that money was allocated towards Travel

$1650-$171(Jan.) -$0 (Feb.) - $232(March) = $1247 remaining for the year

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  1. I love ALL the shoes, and you got them each for a steal! Fantastic.

  2. They are some GREAT shoe picks too. I love all of them. No spending in February is pretty awesome!

  3. I really love the polka dot shoes. I haven't really jumped on the 'trendy' loafer bandwagon but I like that they look really cute and comfy. Don't worry about this month, I am sure you'll do better next month. I did pretty bad last month so this month I tried (and succeeded) to stick to my budget.

    1. Yes this was my first time picking up loafers and I made a big splash by picking up so many pairs. Good for you for sticking to your budget this month. It can be a struggle for us fashionistas

  4. It's funny, I was going shopping recently with a friend, and she is a total loafers convert. In fact, she said, "Now that I've discovered loafers, it's like why would anyone wear regular flats?" Visiting from Fran's Budgeting Bloggers post :)

    Jen @ Librarian for Life & Style

  5. those polka dot shoes are so cute! i'm not a huge fan of loafers myself, but think they look great on other people.

    1. Yea I used to hate them but now I can't get enough

  6. I need to build some shoe purchases into my budget! I love your choices - totally wearable, but really unique and fun!!