Wednesday, March 28, 2018

we're headed to new orleans!

happy hump day! 
As if this month hasn't been packed with enough adventure from our west coast trip, we're headed to New Orleans tomorrow.
Thanks to the Easter holiday, Tom and I both have an extended weekend. With being in a long distance marriage, you have to make the most of long breaks, which is exactly what we intend to do. We have plans to fly in and meet up in the big easy. We cannot wait to enjoy the laid-back lifestyle, listen to jazz music, taste the creole & cajun cuisine, and get a glimpse of mardi gras. This city may be in the South, but it is so uniquely influenced by many diverse cultures. You've long been on our radar New Orleans and we cannot wait to see you soon. 


  1. We loved New Orleans! Such a fun place to visit I can’t wait to go back!

    1. It was so different than what we expected, but we definitely loved it!