Saturday, February 11, 2017

when jasmine finds Aladdin

this Jasmine has found her Aladdin! 
Celebrating a special occasion with a broadway show seems to be our thing (here & here). So gifting each other tickets to Aladdin while in New York for Valentine's Day totally fit us.The unlikely story of two people from very different worlds coming together and falling in love....sounds all too familiar. So we had to see this show! 
Disney on Broadway is even better than Disneyland itself because you become apart of the magic. And this was the most ridiculously over the top funny romantic broadway show that I've ever seen. Bonus points that we got to see one of the last performances with James Iglehart playing Genie before he leaves the show. Add in the amazing sets and the costumes, I don't even want to guess what their glitter budget must be. Here's a glimpse...
Tom insists that he was as into seeing Aladdin as I was, but I'm pretty suspicious of his sudden interest in disney princesses. I know that his desire had more to do with making me happy then anything else, so if you're reading this Tom-thank you. This really made for an amazing night out in the city. And now we have this to remember our Valentines Day in New York. 

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