Saturday, May 20, 2017

packing for florida

There's always lots of prep work going on behind the scenes for any trip that I take. On my recent trip through Florida, one thing that I didn't want to underestimate was the packing. Aside from doing lots of outfit planning, we had all of our beach gear and camping supplies to think about. Literally stuffed the SUV we had to the brim. 
It was a lot to keep track of, but we managed in part because of how organized and planned out everything was. So I thought I'd share a few tips for how we go about packing for trips that involve lots of gear.  

Lists, Lists, Lists 
I've learned the hard way that packing things mentally in my head NEVER goes well. So a few days before I actually need to pack everything, I start making a lists on my phone. And for a long trip like our Florida Road Trip, the more lists the better to track everything. So I ended up with a separate list for beach gear, camping gear, clothes & shoes, make-up, and electronics (cameras, chargers) etc. The best part about making these lists is that not only do you make sure to pack everything you need, but you have a quick list to refer to in order to check that everything is coming home with you too. This way nothing gets left in some random hotel room. 

When you have as much crap as we did, sequencing is key so that you're not spending too much time digging through everything while searching for that one item. For example, I always pack my outfits in the order that I'm going to wear them. 

Pack in Phases 
I find that when we're packing for a big trip, I have to pack in phases. So with leaving for Florida on a Friday, I spent a bit of time each night gathering everything together throughout the week. This was key because it gave me a chance to note what was still needed and make last minute trips to Target and REI. 

Unpack Wisely 
I can't stress this point enough. You can make packing for your subsequent trips so much easier if you fully empty your suitcase, wash that sleeping bag, clean the snorkel gear, etc. before putting things away when you return home.That way, when you need them next, everything is fresh and ready to go. Sometimes hubby and I will take multiple trips in a single month so this is a tough one for us, but we try hard to keep things on track. 

FYI, this is only our clothes. We had several 18 gallon tote containers to hold onto our beach and camping gear. 

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  1. This is a great post! I have packing lists saved in trello for various types and lengths of vacations. Then when we have a new trip planned I copy the correct list over and add anything else I need as I go. I LOVE that monogrammed tote!