Wednesday, May 31, 2017

springtime in the desert

This time last year, we were off on the most epic trip through the desert. I’d never been to the desert and aside from a few cacti, I expected it to be pretty desolate. But as it turns out springtime in the desert is just as beautiful as it is anywhere else. More so even because it's so unexpected. 
We were there right at the peak of spring, in time to see everything in bloom. The cacti were flowering and the juniper trees were just shedding their berries. There were blossoming yucca plants, and cliffroses, and sunrays. There were thistles and blanketflowers and so many others that I have no name for. Here’s a little taste of springtime in the desert.
 ready to start blooming

At some point in the trip, Husband bought me this plant guide to help me ID all the plants because I was so surprised and excited by each new species we spotted. 
Missing Utah desperately now that it's springtime, but I'm also thankful that I had the opportunity to experience this landscape at it's best. 


  1. I love the bright pink flowers on the cacti!! So pretty!

  2. Wow the desert really is pretty in the spring! Beautifully Candid

  3. wow so pretty.. now I have to plan a spring time trip to the desert!