Saturday, May 13, 2017

europe by the numbers

I wanted to do one last share from my Europe trip with my little sister because I found myself making lots of lists during long flights and train rides with no internet and a sleeping sister. I thought it would be fun to list off some of the things I kept track of to help pass the time. 
34 hours spent sitting around the airport thanks to 1 cancelled flight, 4 delays, and 1 missed connecting flight (not our fault). And it would have been more time if it weren't for us taking advantage of a long layover in New York

only 16 hours spent in the air by comparison

explored 7 new places {Cinque Terre, Carrara, Monaco, Nice, St Paul du Vance, Neme, Montserrat, Barcelona} around 3 different countries {Italy, Spain here & here, France} in just 8 days

too many hours of missed sleep, but who needs sleep when you're in Europe?

623 pictures on my iPhone and 1,456 pics on my camera memory card

thousands of miles traveled via 4 plane rides, 5 train rides, 11 bus trips, 2 ferris wheels, and 6 subways

only 2 postcards mailed oops!

1 passport lost on a train (double oops!) and then hurriedly found thanks to some quick thinking

3 Christmas ornaments purchased {this is my favorite travel souvenir}

lots of late night girl talks leading into sleepy mornings

5 espressos, 3 cappuccinos, and few caffeinated beverages that I can't spell or pronounce enjoyed in classic European cafes

5 packages of Italian pasta and 12 packages of French candy stuffed into my luggage on the way home

0 blisters thanks to switching back and forth between 2 very good pair of walking shoes

6 pounds lost thanks to 60miles walked in 8 days through cobblestoned streets

countless sweets thanks to gelato stops in Italy, churros y chocolate in Spain, and dessert every chance I got-still not sure how I managed to lose those 6 pounds

4 bottles of lemon Fanta consumed: I'm not a soda person, but these are the best and are only sold in Spain

14 bottles of Perrier-love that fizzy water

9 euros spent paying to use the bathroom in Europe, things run a bit differently over there

1 lost hat that I can't replace and am still bummed about

thousands of little moments that turned into memories of a lifetime with my little sister

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  1. that sounds like a wonderful experience.
    almost lost passport.. yikes!