Tuesday, May 30, 2017

a week of wear: vol 2

It's been so long since I shared Volume 1, but I've recently had some major schedule changes that impact how I'm getting dressed each day. I'm now in clinic with patients 3 days a week and then I spend the 4th day doing lab work, which means I'm wearing scrubs 4/5 days of the week. That leaves me with one day of the week where we have the morning off, then an exam plus lecture in the afternoon. So this is my one day to wear real clothes.
But to be honest, I normally spend the morning studying and taking the time to get dressed (as opposed to tossing on scrubs) seems like time wasted. Thankfully, I have this little space to remind me that making an effort with self-care and taking time to put myself together every once in a while is NOT a waste. So here's a mix of new and old clothes that I've been pairing together for some recent outfits for dental school. 

Swing Dress: Anthropologie {old} // Cardigan // Giraffe Necklace // Belt // Booties //
Confession: I have two of this exact dress, same color and everything. This was my first swing dress that I've had and loved for years now, but it's delicate and I'm not. So when it went on sale, I bought it again (for only $30). This way, when it gets too worn to wear, I have a fresh one waiting for me lol. That's the story of me and my bright orange dress. 

Collared Tuxedo Shirt // Skirt: Target {similar} // Cardigan // Flats: Save vs. Splurge

Swan Dress: Anthropologie {old} // Ballet Flats: // Necklace: Banana Republic  

Ruffle Shirt Dress // Belt // Cardigan // the most comfortable Sam Edelman Wedges that can currently be found at Walmart believe it or not 

If you can't tell, I'm obviously a girl that loves her patterns because when I finally do have the chance to get dressed, I like to have fun with it. These outfits definitely show a bit of my crazy personality I think. 

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