Sunday, June 3, 2018

may 2018//

May was a tough month for me to get through. It was miserable actually. That's hard to admit because I try not to be negative in this space, but it's true. All month long, I felt like I was just barely holding on and waiting for it to end.
I was so stressed out and not getting enough sleep while studying for boards. I didn't see my husband at all during the month of May. I gained a ton of weight from being mostly sedentary studying non-stop. I had so many new patients assigned that I finally had to say...E-N-O-U-G-H. Not to mention, that I spent two weeks on a pediatric/orthodontic rotation surrounded by kids that got me so sick that I had a fever for days. It was a rough month to say the least. But in the grand scheme of things, nothing I'm going through right now is permanent or even really that bad. Here's a peak at my month.   

Constant study sessions prepping round the clock for my boards exam...with my study buddy always near by

not even kidding about the non-stop studying, this is mostly just a post of study photos because that is ALL I did all month 

even studied while eating because I was always trying to squeeze every second out of the day
 getting the best care package from the Husband as study motivation 
Attempting to relax with a hot bath, but still studying in the process. 
 Was way too excited for new sheets...probably because going to sleep at night was the best part of most of my days during the month of May 
 a month full of constant rain, but at least I got a glimpse of a rainbow 
 Since I had to study all the time, it was nice to have pretty views while studying in the student center
Saturday morning session studying at Starbucks and falling asleep in bed every night still studying 
the only things that cheered me up while I was sick with a fever was cuddling with my pup and these yellow cheery roses that I picked up for myself 
a last minute review study session for a clinical practical 
thankfully I was prepared and aced it with a 100%...was so surprised because you can never really know what to expect when you're taking an exam on a live patient 
tried doing healthier versions of the pasta I was craving 
stocking up on summer study supplies since dental school is year round + a few early birthday gifts that I got myself 
trying to take care better of myself later in the month 
ordered all the best clothes and will be decked out in pink stripes for upcoming summer trips 
a friend convinced me to go exploring and biking a cute waterfront town 
I think this was the only time that I really got out all month long 
how I spent Memorial Day 
stocking up on supplies for all the celebrations to come this summer 

finally ending the month with a morning travel planning session for summer trips

I tried to find and include little snippets of May throughout and be positive about the month. But I'm glad that it's over and that I can move forward into June. 
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  1. Your dog is so cute!
    Sorry May was so stressful for you - I hope June is better.

    1. Thank you! His cuteness level always brightens my mood.

  2. Yes, I agree that May was quite the month for you! But, it's now over and like you said, you can now move forward. Congrats on the exam results!

  3. I'm sorry you had such a rough month. You definitely had a lot of studying going on - and having a fever for days! That's awful. Aw, your husband is too cute though - loving the study care package. And I'm glad your friend got you out for a bit in May. I hope June is better!!!


    1. Thank you Lauren. I'm definitely blaming being around the kiddos so much for that every. And yes that care package was just what I needed.

  4. Sorry you had a rough month but yay for Acing that assessment!

    1. Thanks Monica. And yes, at least there were some wins.

  5. At least it's over?! I hope you can catch up on sleep and life this month. Kudos on the exam results!

    Love the care package and the stripes for summer.

  6. Yay!! Congrats on making it through this difficult month and acing your test. Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy the time off from studying constantly which it looks like you're already starting to!

  7. oh my word, what a month! go you for seeking out the positive, i know that can be hard to do when you're struggling to get through a day/week/month. but yay it's over and here's hoping June is 100 times better. congrats on getting 100% on that assessment!

    1. June is already so so much better for me! Thank you for your kind words