Wednesday, June 27, 2018

spring 2018 clothing budget

I've been stocking up my closet lately with lots of great pieces for Spring and Summer. Not too many though because I'm still living the #scrublife 5 days a week. But here's what I've added to my closet since I shared by winter budget

Universal Thread Faded Tee Original $8, On Sale for $5 
Universal Thread Ruffle Neck Tank Original $18, on Sale for $12 
I've been loving this Universal Thread line at Target, especially this ruffle tank in pink seersucker. Swoon. I mean really, could this have been anymore perfect to wear to our recent weekend in Martha's Vineyard
J Crew F. Straw Fedora Original $37, on Sale for $22 + 30% off = $15
The husband makes fun of me for how many hats I now own, but also keeps complimenting me and telling me I look adorable in them. So which is it? Do ya want to me stop collecting hats or not? 

J Crew F. Stripe Linen Mini Original $65, on Sale for $30 + 30% off = $21
The last thing I needed is ANOTHER J Crew mini skirt. I own like 10, but this one is so so so perfect. All those colors together just make me beyond happy and I couldn't resist adding this one to my closet. NO REGRETS. 

J Crew F. Skinny Jeans Original $80, on sale for $40
J Crew F. Drapey Tank  Original  $45, on sale for $25

Multi-Strap Sandals Original $20, On Sale for $12
About these sandals. I'm really really really picky about shoes because I have literally no arch in my foot and shoes become painful quickly. I'm surprised at myself for even purchasing such an inexpensive pair of sandals, but I'm even more surprised by how amazing these have been so far.

Fair Isle Sweater Original $88, On Sale for $35 + 50% off = $18 
Yes, I'm including a sweater in my Spring Budget. I adore fair isle sweaters-the busier, the better. But they can be super pricey to buy in season, so now is the time. I picked up this wool navy version and the emerald and gold detail are just stunning. Already looking forward to wearing this next winter. 

Target Ruffle Jumpsuit Original $30, On Sale for $22 
these ruffles...those stripes...this perfect date where I wore this for the first time 💕 

Scalloped Tee Original $43, On Sale for $25 + 50% off = $13 x 2 = $26
I picked this up in two different neutral colors, both gray and ivory. You can never have too many neutrals and I love that the scalloping on the collar gives the shirt just a bit of added interest. 

Chambray Faux Wrap Dress Original $80, On Sale for $40 
And finally, I saved the best for last--this dress. After being devastated when it sold out, I was the first in line when this dress was restocked. It just makes me feel so confident, which is why I wore it for my birthday this year. 

Total $236
All in all, I spent just under $60/month over the last 4 months on clothes-not to shabby. Looks like we are staying on track and I have a lot of wiggle room left over in my clothing budget for the rest of the year so far. 

Budget for the Year: $1200
Remaining for the year $964

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