Wednesday, June 6, 2018

girl scout dentistry merit badge

Last weekend I had the chance to volunteer with the Girl Scouts. Things have certainly changed a lot from when I was in a troupe, but it's still true to its mission of supporting and encouraging the growth of young women. 
I was so thrilled to learn that the Girl Scouts offer a dentistry badge and that I could be apart of the process. My dental school put together a session for the girls last Saturday with all different stations. Each station covered a different aspect of dentistry from oral hygiene to nutrition to cavities to letting the girls "play dentist". I got to be a group leader and stayed with the same group of girls all day, which was the best way to get to know all of their crazy personalities. I just had to a take a few quick moments to share and document this experience because I am just so thankful to have an opportunity to make an impact. And who knows. Maybe some of these girls will be apart of our next generation of female dentists. 

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