Tuesday, December 9, 2014

DIY $25 Holiday Bar Cart

Blogmas Day 9

I have been wanting a bar cart for forever. They are just so pretty and shiny and perfect, but they are also very very expensive. The best option I found was the Target version and even then, it's not cheap. So it was time to get creative and make one for myself. Here's the finished project.... 
but this is what I started with 
I found this beauty buried at a thrift store and managed to walk away with it for only $7. It may not look like much, but the whole thing is metal. It's a nice solid piece. 
After a quick trip to Lowe's for supplies,
 I was ready to start my project! 
Had to have a photo with this giant inflatable nutcracker
outside of the hardware store!
Thanks to my constant crafts and diying, I actually already had the spray paint that I needed. The legs got a nice coat of Gold Valspar Metallic Spray Paint. And the trays were painted with Rust-Oleum Semi-Gloss White Spray Paint. 
I did however pick up a set of four wheels 
for $15 to make my cart mobile as well as fresh screws 
and bolts (the originals were rusted) 
for $3. 
A little holiday styling with items I already owned
 and ta-daaa, a $25 bar cart! 
This really was a very simple and inexpensive 
project that I will get a lot of use from. So happy 
with the finished product!

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  1. Hi :)

    My name is Tiffany and I follow my aunt Sandra's blog, Diary of a Stay at Home Mom, I love your little project it really came out looking amazing!

    Hope you enjoy it! :D

  2. Hi Jasmine, I love your name, my daughter is also named Jasmine and sometimes Jazzie too :)

    I love your DIY cart, you did an amazing job :)

  3. What a great job you did! Perfect timing for the holidays.

  4. You did an awesome job on your bar cart. Very creative!!!