Tuesday, December 30, 2014

>>>The Wicked Weed!

Blogmas Day 30 

"Hops are a wicked and pernicious weed"
                                                -Henry VIII

While in Asheville for Our Christmas Present, Tom and I decided to check out a local craft brewery that everyone in town seemed to recommend. Go where the locals go right? We definitely consider ourselves "beer snobs", (yes that's a thing) so it takes a bit to impress us, but we loved everything about The Wicked Weed Brewing Company. 

 It's concept is based on Henry VIII's declaration that hops would ruin beer. Regardless of this stance, some brewmasters still sought out to use hops with a "rebel integrity" in order to create a beer for the "untamed palate", something that The Wicked Weed Brewing Company still does today.

Husband and I actually ended up here twice during our short time in Asheville (yes twice), once on a Sunday night and again on a Tuesday afternoon. Not exactly what you would consider peak bar hours but both times, the two story building was packed with a crowd; young and old sharing stories and swigging beers. The vibe of this place just cannot be beat! 
Loved the wall art of Henry VIII and the green and metallic ornaments hanging from the ceiling...
We came for the beer, but while we were 
there we figured we would eat. Not your typical
 bar food people, it was actually much tastier than some 
of the food we had at Asheville's fancier restaurants. It was 
simply unparalleled. 
And if you ever happen to go I recommend the truffled cauliflower soup.
Cute Edison Bulb Lights! 
And loving that their taps are attached to beer barrels.
Tom loved their IPA's which is no surprise, but if you give him the chance he will rave on and on about the "Falconer's Flight" IPA. 

And I finally found a milk stout that I liked thanks to The Wicked Weed. I don't know if it counts though since this one was called "Milk & Cookies". It had cinnamon and oatmeal as some of it's ingredients so who wouldn't love that? 
We enjoyed it so much that we even picked up some growlers and other goodies to give as gifts and share.  

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