Thursday, December 18, 2014

Why we don't exchange Christmas Gifts

Blogmas Day 18

This time last year, my husband and I were packing for our honeymoon to La Repulica Dominicana. We knew that we would be there on Christmas Day, so we started to discuss the logistics of exchanging gifts with each other. Should we do it before we left or when we returned? Or maybe we should just pack them with us. Well that last idea was just ridiculous because that would mean less room for bikinis.  
So I just suggested nixing the whole concept all together. 
Instead of buying each other gifts, we focused on giving each other experiences during our trip. 
Experiences like...

parasailing over the clear waters of Punta Cana 
(my absolute fave!) 

Zip-lining through the canopies of the forests in Higuey
Snorkeling among the corals 
Horse back riding through the countryside
Kayaking on the ocean 
Well Tom kayaked, I mostly took in the sights
And we indulged in lots of fancy dinners 
Including a secluded dinner for two on the beach 
Experiencing these things together was beyond memorable. Our long distance relationship makes time together the most valuable gift that we could give each other. 
Thus, we have decided to do the same this year and for many years to follow. We are creating our first tradition as a married couple and a new family. In the near future, hubby and I will not be exchanging traditional Christmas presents with each other, but rather experiences.    
Stay tuned to learn about this years gift experience! 

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