Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas at the Biltmore!

Blogmas Day 25

Merry Christmas Everyone! And thank you for stopping by and celebrating with hubby and I. Part of this year's Christmas gift to each other was to spend a day touring the historic Biltmore, home to the Vanderbilt railroad barons. Christmas at the Biltmore is quite the spectacle with thousands of poinsettias and wreaths, miles of garland, and enough Christmas decor to appease even me. Can't get anymore Christmas-sy than this.

Love this beautiful entrance. 
Can you imagine living here and coming 
home to this everyday?

Husband and I both agree that our favorite room was the Banquet Hall. While the Biltmore home may be a bit extravagant, it really was built with the idea of entertaining and the Banquet Hall took center stage in that regard. Plus, a 35 foot Douglass Fir was displayed here and as it was in the Vanderbilt's time, it was decorated with 500 lights and 500 ornaments. Amazing! I can see why the Biltmore regularly shows up on episodes of the "world's largest christmas trees".

Rooms glided in gold and covered in damask...
I'm totally in love 

And another one of my favorite rooms was the Tapestry Gallery. Like many of the rooms in the Biltmore, it was filled with ornate wall to wall carpets, walk in sized fireplaces, and polished in gold opulence. But I loved the tapestries and what they signified: 3 of the 7 human virtues...Faith, Charity, and Prudence.  

The Biltmore was adorned with 56 Christmas trees this year, although I only counted 43!  

Husband and I also took the "Architect Tour", which gave us access to the roof and many spectacular vantage points of the home could be seen.

I loved all of the architecture, it reminded me of some of 
the chateaus that I saw in Europe.  

A gorgeous mountain view from the Vanderbilt's private balcony. 

Another image of this beautiful entrance...seriously it's breathtaking. 

Merry Christmas! 

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