Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Our Christmas Present

Blogmas Day 23

As you know Husband and I don’t exchange traditional Christmas gifts (read why here).  Instead we give each other the gift of experiences and time together. 

Last Christmas in the Dominican Republic was an experience of a lifetime for us, but it didn’t “feel” like the old-fashioned Christmases that we are used to. My one request this year was that we have an exceptionally Christmas-sy Christmas. So we headed to one of the best places there is to spend Christmas…Asheville North Carolina. 
And boy did it deliver.

We loved that no matter where we were in town, 
there were always tons of towering Christmas trees 
the most festive holiday wreaths
Everyone was so friendly and full of holiday cheer. 
I’m wondering if it had anything to do with the ridiculously amazing chocolates that Asheville is known for…..especially the ones at 
The French Board
The line wrapped around the outside 
of the building, but it was worth the wait to have
 the best truffles I’ve ever tasted.
And we didn’t even care that it was cold outside, Husband and I ordered a sparkling wine float with cranberry ice-cream and a milk stout beer float to enjoy with our goodies.
Asheville is also the site of the historic Vanderbilt home...The Biltmore. And “Christmas at the Biltmore” is quite the event! Every December, hundreds of thousands of visitors are drawn to this beautiful chateau to take part in their Christmas celebrations. Isn’t it beautiful?
>>And we were so lucky that the cutest nephew and his parents happened to be in the area at the same time as us. CJ and Mary were kind of enough to take us out to lunch at the yummiest Indian Street food restaurant…..wish this was in my town so I could eat at Chai Pani everyday, especially those delicious samosa chaats and mango lassies.

After lunch, we all enjoyed yummy hot cocoas and roasted marshmallow lattes at the cutest bookstore, I seriously loved the ambiance there.

Filled with wall to wall oriental rugs
Eclectic people and yummy scents from the coffee and wine bar…the perfect spot to read or hang out and be with family.
We exchanged Christmas presents, but I think that Noah liked “eating” the wrapping paper and bows more than anything else. 
Plus we got to go to the most beautiful historic galleria (yes those are spiral staircases...swoon)
to see little Noah have his photo taken with Santa…
Seriously, no one should be allowed to be that adorable.
Husband and I continued to explore the city by foot and by horse drawn carriage…
And we found that The Biltmore wasn’t the only place filled with over the top Christmas extravagance. The Grove Park Inn hosts the annual National Gingerbread Competition so we had to go see it.
Can’t even believe these are made out of gingerbread and other edible treats.
The details are fantastic! 
And when all of our Christmas frolicking during the day was done, we would retire to the quaintest bed and breakfast covered in holiday style...
Hope that you are all enjoying the magic of Christmas. Check back in over the next few days to see more details from our trip including “Christmas at the Biltmore” and the "National GingerbreadCompetition"

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