Monday, December 29, 2014

Notes on the Yearly Clothing Budget: Best & Worst Purchases of 2014

Interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to bring you "Notes on the Yearly Clothing Budget". Don't worry though because Blogmas will resume, including a post later today. For now, let's talk about clothing budgets. This year I did things a little bit differently by having an annual budget instead of monthly. This allowed me a little more wiggle room from month to month without having to worry about going over budget. Now this was definitely a struggle, especially these last few months when funds started to run a little low. However, it definitely taught me to be more disciplined and I even had a couple of months this year where I didn't buy anything. I am definitely going to stick with the annual budget for 2015, I just have to decide on what the budgeted amount will be. As, I didn't make any purchases this month, I thought I'd share my best and worst purchases of 2014. 

Worst Purchases of 2014 

Francesca Crocheted Shorts-This definitely wins for my most regretted purchase this year. While I like how I styled them here, I only wore them a few times because they just didn't work for my body the way that I wanted them to. And at $38, they were not a good buy. 

Gap 1969 Bleached Western Shirt-Chambray always seems like a sound purchase, but I have been very disappointed with the lifespan of this one. I can just tell that I will not be getting a ton of wear out of this. 

Audrey Brooke Adele in Cognac-I still love the way that these look, but they really aren't that comfy so I've only worn them a handful of times. Trying out a new brand is always a risk and in this case the comfort factor taught me to steer clear. 

Kate Spade Finishing Touch Studs-I bet this one may surprise you since I love Kate Spade but the only good about these earrings is that I picked them up for 50% off. Other than that they weren't any better on my sensitive skin than a cheaper brand of earrings. I hate to do it because they are beautiful, but they are going into the sale pile. 

J Crew Embroidered Emblem Cap-I love this hat, just wished I had picked it up in a more practical color. Instead of the lime green it appears in the picture, it's more of a highlighter yellow which I still liked but it is hard to style. Unfortunately it was a final sale item so I was stuck with it. 

Gap Tulip Skirt-I liked the shape of this a lot so I ordered it online, but it was a bit thinner than expected and I really just didn't wear it all that much. Considering adding this to the sale pile if I don't get more use out of it this summer. 

Gap Two Band Sandals-I actually loved these sandals for their comfort and price, but they didn't love me back. They started to fray fairly quickly so they only lasted for one summer. I think this summer, I may just have to bite the bullet and invest in a pricier pair of sandals.  

Best Purchases of 2014

Jessica Simpson Cash Wedges-How could you go wrong with a pair of black wedges? You can't which is why these are in the running for my most worn item this year. My only regret is not grabbing up this cuter version with a bow on top. 

Sam Edelman Astor in New Nude Leopard-These were a steal at $66, so comfy and so well made. The unique calf hair leopard and the golden capped toe, I love everything about them. Plus these were my first pair of Sam Edelman's, a design brand that I will forever be in love with. 

Banana Republic Giraffe Bracelet in Ivory-I love love love giraffes so I was ecstatic about finding this golden giraffe cuff...beautifully made. 

Clarks Plaza Beagle Riding Boot-Because I bought these during the off season (in July), they only cost me about $50 and I have been wearing them constantly this Fall and Winter. Love styling these as you can see here...

Gap Luxelight Cardgian-Grabbed this beauty on sale for only $11, so it has definitely paid for itself at this point. I am in love and I actually own this card in a few colors.  

J Crew Factory Excursion Vest-This herringbone vest should come as no surprise at I rave about it any chance that I get. 

J Crew Pearl Cluster Necklace-When I think classic this necklace comes to mind. 

Land's End Luxe Wool Scoopneck Coat-Marked down from $240 to $72, this fit every point and more of my criteria for the perfect red coat. Been hunting for one for years and now I finally found her. 

Just in case you missed any of this year's budgets: 
January Clothing Budget-$171: A Month of Staples 
February Clothing Budget-$0  
March-$232: Pushing the Boundaries  
April Budget-$357 
May Budget-$190: In & Out of Season 
June Budget-$45  
July Budget-$140.86: A Month of Accessories  
August Budget-$94.61: Lilly, Target, & Kate Spade 
September Budget-$155.72: Prepping for Fall  
October Budget-$131.08 
November Budget-$130.18 
December-$0: Notes on the Yearly Clothing Budget:Best & Worst Purchases of 2014 

Tally $1650-1647.45=$2.55 Surplus


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  1. It's too bad that those Gap sandals didn't work out for you. If you don't mind thong-style sandals, I would recommend the Sam Edelman Gigi. Just make sure to get the leather ones. They have some that are made from synthetic materials that I find uncomfortable.

    The herringbone vest is also on my best purchases list. I'm so glad they brought it back at J.Crew Factory, because I missed out on the retail version. Mine is a little boxy, but I still wear it everywhere. :)

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, I love Sam Edelman durable and comfy and yes to everything you said about the herringbone vest. It' s a good purchase

  2. What a great idea, to reflect back on the year's purchases! Visiting from the Franish linkup :)

    Jen @ Librarian for Life + Style