Friday, December 26, 2014

Snapshots from Christmas Day 2014!

Blogmas Day 26

'Twas the night before Christmas when 
all through the house, not a creature was 
stirring except this little mouse....

Because no matter how old I get I am always beyond 
excited about Christmas Day. As I've grown up, it hasn't lost 
its magic
 for me and I hope that it never does. 

This Christmas was like old times as we celebrated at my family home. Our families don't live close so Husband and I alternate during the holidays. We do end up visiting everyone at some point so it all works out, but I can't wait until husband and I have our own home where we can host everyone for 

Santa was very kind to me this kind that he actually came a little early. My parents gave Tom and I a Cannon camera kit at the beginning of December. It was especially wonderful to have for our trip to the Biltmore. They also gave me this KitchenAid mixer, which I have been using all month long, but Santa still visited on Christmas Eve. I must have been very good this year.

Some of my favorites included some of the 
fun baking accessories from my little sister like 
 tall enough to hold 10inch high cake. Seriously who 
comes up these ingenious inventions? 

Oh and this Michael Kors watch is 
nothing to scuff at either.

The cutest husband. 

Everyone loved exchanging presents. 

And hubby and I offered to help with dinner. 
Thankfully, everything turned out well. 

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