Monday, December 29, 2014

National Gingerbread Competition

Blogmas Day 29

When I requested that this year's Christmas present trip be filled with over the top Christmas magic, I had no idea that I would get everything I asked for and more. While in Asheville North Carolina, we discovered that it was the home of the National Gingerbread Competition so we of course had to go. Candy and artistry rolled into one, um count me in! And this guy below was one of my absolute favorites....I love all of the scrambling elves. 

The competition is held every year at the 
spectacular Grove Park Inn 

Whose lobby is beyond gorgeous with chandeliers and rocking chairs nestled in front of walk in sized fireplaces

The Grove Park Inn is one of America's best resorts as it boasts a world class spa and has housed guests like Edison, Henry Ford, and many of Americas's presidents. 

But we weren't there to stay or regale in history, we were there to see the gingerbread houses....

Here are some of our this amazing fire house station. I'm totally obsessed with the vibrance of all those reds 

Or the Taj Mahal of gingerbread houses! 

Husband's favorite was this one from the teen division and I have to admit that Santa picking up puppies from the pound to give as presents is the most adorable concept 

I loved this Trojan Horse with the bow on it's bum so very much. What a fun play on history? Plus the details are exquisite, still cannot believe that this is made out of gingerbread

An all gingerbread Christmas Tree! 

Counted 27 uniquely decorated Christmas trees as we walked through the lobby and shops of the Grove Park Inn 


I am in love with the gold and green and all of those little details....especially those fleur-de-lis designs 

The elaborate construction and ingenuity of these creations goes well beyond your average gingerbread house 

Alvin & the Chipmunks!

But I found myself more drawn to the classical gingerbread homes...

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