Wednesday, January 25, 2017

wandering washington

Thanks to a whirlwind week in Washington State, we got our first taste of the Pacific Northwest. This is my final big share from our trip. And then hopefully, I can delve more into our Christmas trip through Mexico and my trip to Europe. Seriously, will I ever catch up on blogging? But I guess being too busy traveling to document your past travels isn't such a bad problem to have. 
Wandering Washington
There has been so much to share from this amazing anniversary trip celebrating 3 years. To wrap things up, I put this together with random photos mostly from my iPhone to give a good feel for our overall trip, including some things that didn't quite make it into their own post. 

getting there is half the journey, but we're no amateurs when it comes to flying. We showed up for our long flight, ready with our neck pillows and travel blankets. 
Best Plane Nap Ever!

then there's getting dressed for the day in the airport bathroom ;)
traveling really is just so glamorous sometimes
adventuring around Pike's Place in Seattle!
couldn't believe how gorgeous AND inexpensive these flowers were in the Market. Seriously, I would have fresh flowers every week if I lived nearby
And couldn't leave Pike's Place without stopping at the famous Metsker's Maps. It's my new favorite store that we picked up so many gifts from (both for us and for family) 
Metsker's Maps
had to include a few pics of our cute Seattle hostel because we loved it so much, better than any hotel experience with it's clean white bathrooms and brick-exposed bedroom 
and if you're ever in Seattle, don't miss the underground tour with a chance to learn about the city's history. Current Seattle is literally built on top of old Seattle and there are remnants of it left underground. It has a seedy history that is far too interesting to skip
loved this hidden gem right in the city, definitely one of the best places we visited all year. By the way, this photo is 100% getting blown up and added to the gallery wall  
seattle japanese garden
After 2 amazing days in the city, we left Seattle and headed off to visit all 3 of Washington's national parks, but first we stopped into REI for supplies since Seattle is the flagship store. Was surprised to find a massive 3 story climbing wall. 
REI flagship store
And of course I had to climb it. Not bad for my first try! 
REI rock wall
Popping by this {famous} Pumpkin Patch 
Cascadian Farms Pumpkin Patch
Then onward to North Cascades National Park. Couldn't get enough of the gorgeous waterfalls and rainbows. Visiting this spot as a daytrip was not nearly enough time. I'm still in shock that it's one of America's least visited parks. North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park
Time for National Park #2…Olympic National Park! 
Hoh Rainfroest
If you don't know this about us yet, we're big fans of the National Park Service and slowly visiting all the parks. But Olympic National Park called to us to travel across the country. And it did not disappoint! 
Hoh Rainfroest
From crossing paths with wild Elk in the rainforest 
Hoh Rainfroest
Olympic National Park
to spending foggy mornings and sunny afternoons along Lake Crescent
Olympic National Park was a favorite 
Olympic National Park
Then onto National Park #3 that had the craziest weather all in one day. 
snow Mount Rainier
As if 3 national parks and a major city wasn't enough ground to cover for a single week, we had to include a few more random stops…like the cute Bavarian town of Leavenworth just in time for Oktoberfest
Leavenworth Oktoberfest
hiking boots + bean boots is all this girl needs 
Road Trips can be tiring and stressful, but also full of beauty, awe, and wonder. 
And I'm not ashamed to admit it. I was totally obsessed with Twilight once upon a time. Since we were driving through anyway, we made a stop into Forks and at first beach in La Push.
Washington really did charm us and gave us the best impression possible of the Pacific Northwest. It is an amazing state, especially for us outdoor adventurers and we are totally considering it for where we settle long term. Regardless, this place will always have a special place in my heart because this trip marked 3 years of marriage for us. What a week we had Wandering Washington. 

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  1. Not a bad problem to have at all! Your trip looks amazing. I love the pictures by the logs and that one of you two under that tree is so pretty. What fun adventures and amazing memories! Beautifully Candid

    1. Haha, yea I figure it's a good problem, but hoping to catch up before our next big trip. The photos are some of our favorites too, have no idea how we're going to decide which ones to frame

  2. Yay for the PNW! These pictures are all gorgeous!

    1. Yes we loved every minute of it. Was not kidding I said we're considering it long-term. It's like this own special nook of the country that is amazing

  3. Happy anniversary! This was an awesome trip to Washington! I love living here, it's such a pretty state and it looks like you guys saw a TON of fun stuff!!

    1. We live on the East coast so we definitely tried to make the best of our week in Washington, it really is a gorgeous place. And we could see ourselves settling there one day