Friday, October 28, 2016

Leavenworth Oktoberfest

Nestled at the base of the Wenatchee Mountains in Washington State is the town of Leavenworth. This cute mountain town has completely taken on the persona of Bavaria, Germany. And it's inhabitants take themselves very seriously, which is why they're known for having one of the best oktoberfests around. We of course had to include this in our PNW road trip itinerary because um….Beer + Mountain Air! That's pretty much our ideal of paradise. 
We had the best/worst luck with the weather as a huge storm was passing through. It was good because the storm kept the crowds down, which meant more beer and schuhpatteler-ing (German folk dancing) for us. But bad because we were pretty much soaking wet the entire day. Only captured a few photos because camera + torrential downpours = disaster zone. But I did snap a few pics when the rain slowed down. And I have to show you how everything is designed in the style of Bavaria. I don't know if you've ever been to Germany, but they are totally pulling it off.

I think you tell how hard it was raining from this picture below, but it didn't mar the festivities for us at all. 

loved listening and dancing to this classic German music with my German hubby
leavenworth muchen haus
You can't do Oktoberfest without having a classic bratwurt. We stopped at Munchen Haus because it's the best known for all of there amazing toppings. You can't even see my sausage because of all the sauerkrat and mustard I piled on top. 
Best part was all of the different flavors of mustard, I was obsessed with the porter mustard and the champagne honey mustard. After we left Munchen Haus, we spent 40 minutes in the rain tracking down the company that makes it, so we could buy some to take home. 

Even with all the rain, we loved this classic Bavarian village, especially since we had this cozy fireplace to come home to right in our room. 

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