Monday, October 24, 2016

Cascadian Farm Pumpkin Patch

I've never understood the lure of pumpkin patches. Not until we accidentally stumbled upon this one in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. We were driving back from a hike in the north cascades and I was half asleep. Then this beautiful scene came into view and I shrieked so loud that Tom almost crashed the car. Oops! Sometimes I behave like a small child so when I'm excited about something, I just can't help myself. 

Something about seeing these giant orange pumpkins glowing in the sunshine with the north cascade mountains right in view, well I just couldn't resist. And bonus points to Cascadian Farm for having pumpkin spice ice-cream = my new favorite favor. 
Cascadian Farm is one of the largest producers in the states, so most people have probably had their products. But nothing beats getting them straight from the source.
I wish I could say that I've totally changed my mind about pumpkin patches. But after getting to experience this one with the best treats and mountain views, I can't think of anything that can compare. So now I really have no desire to ever step foot in a pumpkin patch again. 


  1. Whaaat I wish I had gone to that pumpkin patch while we were living in Seattle! Major heart eyes.

    1. When you're back in Seattle, the ice cream alone is worth the drive out there.