Sunday, October 23, 2016

Seattle Japanese Garden

Tom and I just got back from a week long trip celebrating 3 years of marriage in the Pacific Northwest. While in Seattle, we had quite a few favorites, but nothing compared to this hidden gem right in the city. We stepped off the plane and into this gorgeous autumn garden. And for us east-coasters, it was like being in another world. 
seattle japanese garden autumn visit
We had the best timing with being here at the start of Autumn. Tom especially loved the contrast between all the green and the changing leaves. We couldn't believe how drastic and vibrant everything was here. And I couldn't help thinking that this is where fall lives. 
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this place makes my heart happy 
bean boots koi fish
kissing the husband beneath the altar, I'd happily marry him all over again
Like any other day in the Pacific Northwest, we had constant rain. From a downpour to a drizzle to a downpour again. But that couldn't mar the beauty of this stunning place. What a way to start off our anniversary trip.

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  1. Oh wow - the photos are gorgeous!! Seattle / the pacific nw are on my bucket list!! xo, Biana

    1. I hope you make it there, we're already planning another trip back

  2. These photos are beautiful!! What a perfect time to visit.

    1. We loved it with the fall blooms, but I bet this place is incurable any time of year