Monday, September 26, 2016

3rd anniversary weekend

interracial couple anniversary
this weekend husband and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary…well sort of
We've got a big trip planned soon to help us mark the occasion, but for now we took it easy and had a relaxed weekend together.
Now that I'm back at grad school, we're also back to being in a long distance relationship. After a late night red-eye flight out to Boston Friday night, it was so nice to wake up Saturday morning to a window sill full of these succulents that were the flowers at our wedding. Three years later and they are thriving. 
planting wedding succulents
Husband made us breakfast and then we exchanged a few small gifts. We are moving away from giving material possessions. That's why our big gift to each other this year is a trip to the Pacific Northwest in just two weeks:) But we do give small gifts at our anniversary, following along with the traditional anniversary gift giving. 
3rd anniversary gifts
I gave husband a few leather gifts that he desperately needed, like this new wallet (his old one was starting to fall apart) and these belts (here & here). He also got this fancy passport cover to remind him of an upcoming adventure we've planned out of the country. 
passport travel gift
Husband gave me the sweetest card with a cute message about our travels together that made me tear up. It read...
May the honeymoon never end 
From the beaches of the Dominican (Republic) 
To the rocky coasts of Maine
From the arid desserts of Utah 
To the lush rainforests of Washington 
I will always love you
Let's never stop exploring 
Happy Anniversary 
blog anniversary leather gifts
And his leather gift to me was a pocket sized book of of all of America's National Parks. We love visiting the NPs together, as we've been to 6 this year. And now I have this gorgeous leather bound book full of national park maps…loving the details with the gold leaf pages and the fact that he had it monogrammed. Can't wait visit more national parks together with our upcoming anniversary trip to the Pacific Northwest
national park guide
Here's a sneak peak at one of the national parks we will be visiting in a couple of weeks...
olympic national park map
I am absolutely loving that our gifts this year 1.) revolved around our travel adventures and 2.) were functional. Speaking of functional, Tom gave me a bag full of goodies: lush bath bombs, hariboro gummies, and the best granola bars that actually taste like chocolate chip cookies. If you know me, then you would know these are few of my favorites…
For the rest of the day, we had planned to go kayaking. But Fall in New England is already in full swing and we realized it would be freezing out on the water. So we ended up at a football instead! I will say that we are not sports fans----at all. But we were offered FREE tickets by sweet friends that were guaranteed to be good company. Basically we couldn't resist. 
boston college vs. wagnor
enjoying the excitement of the game with this guy and good friends
leather boots + football + the start of fall 
they just go together 
fall boots and football
boston college marching band
Then off to dinner at this favorite tapas restaurant that we love. 
Before my flight back on Sunday, we spent several hours at SoWa Sunday = Boston's Open Market. It's a mix of everything of everything all in one…antique market + farmer's market + arts festival.
 Most of our time was spent between chillin' in the beer garden
Parting ways and saying goodbye is always the difficult, but it was especially hard after this perfect anniversary weekend. Even though we only had a couple of days, they were ideal and relaxing and I can't imagine a weekend being any better than this one. Thankfully I had this sweet bouquet full of of hydrangeas, sunflowers, lilies, and roses waiting for me when I arrived back to my grad school apartment. 
Missing this weekend and the way it had me feeling already. Counting down (only 11 days) until I get to see husband again and we're off to the Pacific Northwest for more anniversary celebrations 


  1. Happy anniversary! Sounds like you had a great weekend. And YAY for the PNW! I hope you LOVE IT!!!!

    1. thanks mattie! any recommendations from the northwest native?