Monday, October 9, 2017

weird places I've lost my wedding ring

Tom and I celebrated four years of marriage at the end of September and husband gave me another wedding band, which I love and will happily add to the stack. But I also think it's kind of funny that was the gift he chose considering how many times and how many places I've lost my engagement ring/wedding band.
 Well, not lost so much as got them stuck in the craziest weirdest places. Here's just a few. 

Stuck in the Car// During our Florida Road Trip, my fingers started to swell with the summer heat so I placed my wedding bands alongside the gear shift. I got pulled for speeding and in my haste to pull over, I put the car in park without moving my rings, which of course forced them underneath the gear shift. Yep, I did that. Luckily, the dealership was nearby and after taking apart the center console, they were able to recover my wedding rings and didn't even charge us. Plus, I never did get that speeding ticket-just a verbal warning. But trust me, I learned my lesson. One thing I can say for myself is that trips with me will always be eventful. 

Stuck in the Dryer// Similarly to the car situation, I ran my wedding band through the washer-dryer and it got pulled into the dryer. Literally had to have someone come and take my dryer apart. Definite panic mode. 

A Close Call// Baking peanut butter cookies and was getting my hands filthy so I took my rings off and set them on my nightstand to clean later. Once I got the cookies in the oven, I came into the bedroom to find my rings missing and a very suspicious and guilty-looking pup laying on the bed. In his mouth were my peanut butter covered rings. I guess he wanted to "help" me get them clean. This was definitely a close call and I'm glad it didn't get worse. 

A Medical Waste Trashcan// Ladies in the medical field, always make sure you check your hands when you pull your gloves off. I had to learn this lesson the hard way because my ring got caught and came off when I removed my glove. Thankfully, I realized in time to search the trashcan before it had been emptied, but I had to spend 45 minutes sifting through all the dirty gloves in the garbage.  Do you know what's dumped in a dental office trashcan? Loose teeth, blood-covered gauze, and so many other unmentionables. Ugh, kind of terrified that this could easily happen again so I always check my rings are still on. 

I literally could go on and on with this because I am the worse. So imagine my surprise with husband deciding to give me another band to potentially get stuck in some odd place. Ha! I guess I got one of the lucky ones because he never gets mad or even panics (like I do) when I get my ring stuck somewhere. 


  1. Wow! I definitely would have panicked about the dog getting the rings!

    1. Um yea, that would have been a whole separate issue. Thankfully he was smart enough to just be licking/sucking the peanut butter off and didn't swallow them. And he spit them out as soon as I told him to "drop it", so thankful we taught him that lol