Monday, December 25, 2017

what we gave for Christmas 2017

This is the third year in the row that I've decided to share what we gave for Christmas. I much prefer this version to sharing what I got because quite frankly I don't really care what people give me or don't give me for Christmas. 
I get the most joy from what I give to others. And I usually put a lot of time and effort into our Christmas gifts so it's always nice to show off all that hard work.

Proof that I'm a dental student, I gave both my parents an electric toothbrush. Still so impressed that this comes with an app for your phone that monitors your brushing. I think I may be saving myself some work as their future dentist. Also, gave my parents an instantpot. These were one of the big gifts of the season and they are as great as everyone claims. Need to go back and get one for myself. Ha! 

We're giving both of my in-laws this FitBit. Tom and I both have one as well as both my parents and we all have fun doing challenges together. Now, husband's parents will be able to join in with us. 

Found some great deals on the google home so we grabbed one for brother-in-law to have in his college apartment. Also, got the mini version for my little sister to have in her room since like every other teenager in the world, she is so into anything tech-related.
Also, gave my sister a few other small gifts including: yankee candles, this cool car gadget since it's her first winter driving, and these treats that she loves that I brought back from Iceland because you can't get them in the states. On the more sentimental side of things, I put together the GoPro footage we took while zip-lining. Here's the video I put together if you want to watch. 

And finally, one last big gift is....a trip to Florida that we will take January-just us girls. It sounds kind of crazy, but I was able to use points towards our flights to make it more doable. I definitely spoiled baby sister this year, but it felt right to do since this is her last childhood Christmas where she's living at home (tearing up right now) 

Extended Family & Friends 
Sent photos to the grandparents. And for the family/friends we will see in person, we have jams and other treats that we have picked up during our travels throughout the year. For those that are far away, we did restaurant gift cards for the adults and toys r'us gift cards for the kids. We really try to do more thoughtful presents than giftcards, but just didn't have the extra time we would have needed to ship gifts and have them arrive in time. For friends, I kept it simple with homemade ornaments, Starbucks gift cards, and these mugs
🎁 🎁 🎁
We gave out a surprising amount of tech gifts this year, but found such great deals. And I think we mixed in a good amount of more thoughtful sentimental homemade gifts. I know that Christmas obviously is not about the presents, but it is definitely a fun perk right? And I love putting together gifts for loved ones. 
Merry Christmas All! 

See what we gave Christmas past: 


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