Wednesday, November 14, 2018

october 2018//

Dear October, 
Can I please have a do over? Don't get me wrong, you were incredible, but it felt as though you went by far too quickly. And many of the things we had planned for the month never actually got done. But it does no good to dwell on what was missed.

Stocking up on al the fall and holiday decor 
We finally got around to repotting all of the succulents from our wedding once again. These things grow so fast. 
Packing all the new ties for Husband to take to his West Coast conference. 
Protein Packed breakfasts for early mornings and long clinic days 

Driving to clinic just before the sun rises. 
And coming home right before the sun sets. Seriously, I easily go the whole day without seeing the sun. At least, I have these gorgeous waterfront views to come home too...even if it is dark out. 
Thank goodness for weekends and sleeping in. Even a PSL isn't enough to rustle us out of bed on a Saturday morning.
Speaking of weekends, I love biking past entire battleships on my weekend rides. all the  💙 💛 ❤️ for Norfolk's Waterfront.

Found another new mermaid along my bike-rides, love the mosiac detail on this one.
rainy days stuck inside aren't so bad with this guy
4AM morning workouts 
rolling into my 6AM drives to clinic 
also autumn shopping may be my favorite 
especially the Target runs

oh don't mind me---just enjoying as much Fall as possible over here 
mapping out a gallery wall 
and steam cleaning the upholstery to get our place in shape
catch a sneak peak of our loft here 

if you can't tell, we're just a little bit excited to be settling into our new home in Norfolk

Weekend Coffee breaks on the Roof 
 Plus eating the best autumn meals out 
Ending October with a little bit of hocus pocus
 and celebrating Halloween extra low key. 
Here's to hoping November gives me more of a chance to catch my breath. October clinic kept me busy and exhausted with less time for me. While I loved every minute of the month, I need for 2018 to slow down and stay for just a little bit longer.  

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