Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Inspiration #3-Oversized Bows

Happy Valentine's Day! Today I'm sharing with you my OOTD from yesterday. We had a full day of lecture so I wanted to be comfy and warm so I went with cords. I paired it with this gorgeous wool statement sweater. It is extremely rare of me to make a clothing purchase at full price, but I made an exception for this gorgeous bow sweater and I am glad that I did because it quickly sold out.

Shirt: J Crew Bow Sweater
Pants: Lucky Brand Jeans via TJMaxx
Shoes: BearTrap Pearce Boots
Jewelry: Fossil Watch 
Please excuse the frizzy hair-took this photo after wearing a hat for part of the day. Good News/Bad News: The bad news is that my husband was supposed to fly in last night, but unfortunately a storm that moved in cancelled his flight. As of now his flight is rescheduled for this morning. Hopefully, all goes well and he can make it here. Out of every bad situation comes some positive. In this case, one of my classmates was hosting a Galentines Day party last night. Parks and Recreation anyone? Because I was no longer going to the airport I was able to go to the party. I just traded in the cords I wore earlier in the day for a pair of jeans. Oh, and also I decided to wear my hair down in the evening to showcase my new layers and highlights.  I had this done right after school yesterday and this is the first time that I have ever highlighted my hair. I didn't tell anyone about it, not even my husband. Let's hope that he likes it.

Btw since the husband will be with me all weekend (fingers crossed) I don't think that you can expect to hear from me very much, but check back in Sunday night/Monday morning because I will do a complete Valentine's Day weekend recap to show you how we celebrated.

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