Friday, September 5, 2014

Hotel 1110

When I travel, I only have a few rules, one of them being to engage in as many unique experiences as possible. That means eating at local restaurants or shopping boutiques instead of chains. Whenever we can, we apply this to hotels as well. And while in Monterey, we found the cutest little Inn to call home. 
My favorite part about Hotel 1110 was the rooftop succulent garden. Our wedding flowers were succulents, so I was as tickled as can be to find some of the largest and rarest succulents that I've ever seen. How perfect is it that we should find this at the hotel on our anniversary trip? Just the most beautiful arrangement of color and texture. I must have taken a gazillion pictures. The photo above was my pathetic attempt at trying to recreate one of our wedding photos.
Did I mention that this rooftop garden had a complete bar? Hubby and I were more than happy to grab some cocktails and tapas.

After an amazing evening on the roof, we headed to our room where the bed was tucked away into the coziest little nook. 
And the next morning, there was the most spectacular breakfast. 
Had to include this one last shot. I just love staying at places with real keys. Something about it just makes me feel so at home.

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