Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Clothing Budget Update

I'm a little late to the party, but I'm linking up with Budgeting Bloggers again this month to share my clothing purchases. And because I was really sick last month, I actually missed out on the August link-up so today I'm showing off my purchases from both August and September.

I'm obsessed with all of my purchases, but I am especially loving the three pairs of pants I picked up...white skinny jeans, leather jeans, and ponte leggings///this is more pairs of pants than I've bought in the past few years! 
I normally find that dresses look best on my body type and that I have trouble finding pants that fit my body AND my budget, but I finally found some jeans that work for me! 

I hate the idea of spending more that $25 on a pair of jeans. Is that terrible? I made an exception for these white jeans and they are my favorite. I was worried about accident prone me in white denim but I've worn these to everything from air balloon rides to climbing apple trees and they are still white!
Ann Taylor Faux Leather Ponte Leggings// Original $98 on Sale for $40 with promo $20

Ann Taylor Leather Jeans// Original $98 on Sale for $40 with promo $20
I haven't shopped at Ann Taylor in a while, but I took a chance and picked up a few items during a major online sale. Everything was final sale, and with losing 15 pounds, I had no idea what my current size was. It worked out well and it turns out that my old Size 12 is now a Size 6-8! I haven't had a chance to wear the leggings yet, but I have worn the leather jeans non-stop (worn here). Between the material and the front pocket zippers, they are so much edgier than my normal style and that's why I love them so much. For how well these leather jeans are made, I still cannot believe they are on sale for only $20! 

J Crew Factory Popover //Original $65 on Sale for $32 with promo $16

J Crew Factory Lovely Sweater //Original $55 on Sale for $20

Plaid Blanket Scarf // Original $20 on Sale for $12
I finally found a blanket scarf...I wanted one so desperately last Fall, but I couldn't find anything that fit me. I love love love this double sided frayed blanket scarf. It's so unique compared to the camel colored blanket scarfs that you see everywhere! 
Target Anorak Jacket // Original $40 with gift card $3

August/September Total: $170
Yearly Total $1500-$50[January]-$160[February]- $75[March]- $317[April]-$0[May]-$30[June]-$110[July]-$170[August/September]=$578 remaining for the year

Even though I lowered my budget for the year, I have been pacing myself and focused on being more thoughtful with my purchases. It looks like I have about ~$200 to spend a month for the remainder of the year. 
Hooray for actually staying on budget! 

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  1. I LOVE those leather jeans! I tried on some faux leather leggings that I wanted and they didn't fit I'm still looking! And of course I love that scarf too!