Thursday, February 16, 2017

central park in the winter

I like to think of myself as a relatively well-traveled person, but I had never been to Central Park. Hard to believe it I know. I've been to New York more times than I can count, but when I lived up North, I didn't appreciate it fully. Now that I don't live so close, I'm realizing there are too many iconic NY spots that people travel the world to see, yet I've been up the street and didn't bother. So I desperately need to remedy this starting with Central Park. 
I was hesitant to visit during our Valentine's Day weekend because well it's winter time. I figured everything would be dead and no one would be out. And that's not the way I wanted to remember the famous Central Park. But we ventured there anyway and so glad that we did because Central Park is stunning in the winter.
 The park is just as lively as ever during winter time with children sledding, couples skating, and an army of snow men greeting you at every turn. 
As we were here over Valentine's Day, we of course had to splurge and take a carriage ride through the park. Had to right? 
Then hubby wanted to go to the Central Park Zoo because he is the biggest animal lover. I really didn't expect much, but decided to along with it since it was apart of the experience. Definitely surpassed my expectations. It was amazing to see these cold weather animals surrounded by snow. A few favorites included the snow monkeys, snow leopards, the sea lions, and grizzly bears. 
 We stopped in to see the sea lion show, which wasn't very impressive. But what was impressive is all the flips and tricks the sea lions were doing on their own. They knew the show was starting and that they would get to see their trainers and be fed fish soon. 
When the last bell chimed for the show to start, they popped out of the water completely, waiting for their trainers to show up. Reminded us of our pup running to the door when he hears our car. Too cute! 
The pre-show was definitely the highlight. 
little Red Panda that we loved
+ gorgeous white-naped cranes 
I spy a couple of snow leopards 
getting in all our steps with trekking through the snow
This was the most romantic day in Central Park. And I think I love you even more in the winter time, all beautiful and blanketed in snow. See the rest of our Valentine's Day weekend here

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