Sunday, February 26, 2017

a week of wear: vol 1

It's funny that this little space initially started out as a style blog because I didn't share a single outfit of the day last month. And it's looking like this month will be the same. I assure you that I haven't been running around naked, but there are two big reasons why I haven't been sharing OOTD's lately.

1.) I wear scrubs most of the week with dental labs/clinic. I only get dressed about once a week on lecture days. And on the weekends, there's no sense in getting dressed up to sit around my apartment studying. So sweats it is.

2.) Photographing an outfit is kind of a lot of work. Finding a unique background, taking photos in the morning for the best light, etc. etc. etc. No wonder all the true fashion bloggers stage multiple outfits in one day with a professional photographer following along. They probably just want to get it done all at once. That being said, I normally only make a big deal about photographing new purchases and I haven't been shopping in months! Luckily most of the items featured below are staples so they're still available. 

My shopping freeze is coming to an end, so there will definitely be more regular OOTD's, but in the meantime here are a few snaps of real outfits that I've worn this past month. These were scattered throughout the month and are some of the few times that I actually wore real clothes during February, but I'm going to pretend like I'm a totally normal person and that it doesn't take me a month to accumulate a weeks worth of wear.

Shirt: Verve Ami {Similar}// Skirt // Cardigan // Flats: Save vs. Splurge
Oh and if you're wondering why I'm not wearing tights with any of the skirts/dresses even though it's February... well that's because it's been 70+ degrees regularly here in the South.

This dress is a favorite and a staple in my wardrobe {and is currently on sale}. See it styled for warm and cold weather. 

Sweater currently 50% off // Leggings that look like real pants & and are also 50% off right now// Booties // Bracelet

I have to apologize because these iPhone photos just are not doing these pants any justice. Better photos plus my full review of these classic pants that every professional woman needs in her closet can be found here.

Dress: Target {Similar Fit, Similar Style}// Cardigan: J Crew Factory {Similar} // Booties

Hmmm, looks like I wear a ton of stripes. Seriously, all but one of these outfits is based around stripes. Guess I like what I like. Also, noticing that all my outfits are made up of a combo of lower-end stores (Old Navy, TJ Maxx, Target) and higher end places (J Crew & Loft), which I'm kind of proud of. I'm loving the balance of dressing up trendier/inexpensive pieces with pricier staple items. 


  1. I love all of your outfits! I'm a huge fan of stripes too. I totally never would've guessed those are actually leggings in that outfit--they really do look like pants!

    1. That's why I love those leggings so much-I own them in like 3 different colors. Glad to hear that I didn't overdo it with the stripes