Thursday, February 23, 2017

husband's birthday in a box!

The hardest part about being in a long distance relationship isn't that we miss out on daily dinners or morning kisses goodbye. It's missing out on the special occasions…that's what I hate most. Yesterday was my husband's birthday and I couldn't be there to celebrate him. And while I am thankful that I will get a chance to see him this weekend, there is nothing like being celebrated on your actual day. So I sent Tom this "birthday in a box" filled with a few small gifts and treats. 
birthday in a box
This was such a fun gift to put together, I will definitely be repeating this idea for other family members and friends. And Tom opened the box with me via FaceTime so I still got to see all of his reactions to the gifts. 
all packed up and ready to go!
birthday in a box

what's inside? 
Obviously what you put inside of your box is completely catered to the person you're making it for. You could add small gifts, decorations, and sweet treats. I did a little of everything. Here's what I included in Tom's box. 

husbands birthday
a very special pair of socks: Tom already owned these J Crew herringbone socks, but after a year or so, they started developing holes and had to be tossed out. It was a sad day as they were his favorites, so I tracked down another pair. 
blueprint to battlestar: You should have seen me and the sales girl in barnes & noble trying to figure out what this book is all about. I still don't understand it fully, but for a guy whose into anything involving star wars, star trek, battlestar gallactica, any weird sci-fi crap, this is a fun book. Husband approves. 
pocket-monkey: the best all-in-one guy gadget that fits right inside your wallet 
candles: Because Tom burns candles almost as much as I do, I picked up these very manly ones in the scents "bourbon" and "birch". I told him that since these are birthday candles, he should make a wish every single time he blows them out. 
scarf: Can't have too many of these when you live in Boston!
jeans: This one was simple as he was in desperate need of a few good pairs. 

I have a feeling there will be lots of indulging with birthday dinners and sweets when I see Tom this weekend, so I attempted to send some healthy treats along to have for now. 

k-cups: When you're a grad student, there never seems to be enough coffee around.  
blueberry protein bar: He eats lots of blueberries and protein, so what's not to like?
peanut butter cups: Since these are organic, that means they're healthy right? 
honeycomb: This is a personal favorite of Tom's that is kind hard of to find. When I spotted this at a farmer's market in Spain last month, I knew I had to bring some back to the states for the husband. Interested to see how he likes it compared to the local honeycomb we've tired. 
root beer candies: Had to include some sort of candy for Tom's sweet tooth and picked these because they're so unique. 
birthday in a box
This idea was a win win. Not only did Husband get gifts to open on his actual birthday, but now I have less stuff to lug with me on the plane ride to Boston this weekend :) Husband will be getting even more presents this weekend, but hopefully, these small gifts will tide him over until then. 

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