Monday, February 13, 2017

My NYC Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!
 Unfortunately, I won’t get to see my Valentine on the actual day, but we more than made up for it by celebrating a little early this past weekend. We gave each other the best gift possible for Valentine's Day by spending a bit of time together in New York. 
new york valentine's day what to do
Thanks to all the snow storms that hit the northeast last week, we were worried that this Valentine’s Day wouldn’t happen for us. With living 700 miles apart, the plan was for us to fly into New York separately and meet up for the weekend. But things were looking pretty grim. We both had lots of delays and complications, but somehow both made it to New York safely late Friday night early Saturday morning.
winter central park
After getting in at 3AM (I was up for 23 hours straight :), we were in desperate need of some sleep. Thankfully, we had found the cutest hipster hotel to check into right in the middle of Manhattan.
pod 30 hotel
When we finally did manage to get our day going, we headed to Central Park first thing. Yes, it was cold, but we always have to have time outdoors, even when we’re in a big city like New York. Even when it’s February!
And Winter time in Central Park was nothing short of mesmerizing. We loved walking through the snow-covered park and even popped into the zoo there. Then hubby gave me the best gift experience with this horse drawn carriage ride in the snow.
valentine's day carriage ride
Rewarding our horse for a job well done! 
Then over to Times Square for more NYC love day celebrations...can't get enough of this city
times square valentine's day
One of the best parts of New York has to be the gourmet food. We took a trip around the world while here with having Japanese, Mexican, Indian, and Italian Cuisine over the weekend. And I think it's safe to say that our Valentine's day dinner at Barbetta was one of the best meals of my life. 
And since you can't dinner without a show, we ended the night with seeing Aladdin on Broadway…a new favorite for me.
alladin broadway
Sunday was the rainiest coldest day thanks to another snow storm, which made it the perfect time for a museum visit. We spent our rainy day at MoMa...the Museum of Modern Art. 
And found the cutest couples there celebrating Valentine’s Day as well 
Hated to part ways with a teary goodbye at the airport (we were both delayed on the way home too), but glad to know I’ll see Tom in a couple of weeks for his birthday. In the meantime, sending lots of love and kisses to my NYC Valentine from afar.

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  1. Your Valentine's weekend together looks so sweet! My boyfriend and I won't be together on Valentine's Day either (he lives in New York City and I live in Connecticut), but we're planning on celebrating together next weekend!

  2. What a romantic weekend in the city - glad that even through the delays you guys were able to meet up! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

    1. Thanks Biana and it was totally worth the headache of delaying with delays to be together

  3. So glad everything worked out! NYC in the snow looks magical!

  4. What a great celebration. NYC is always a treat!

  5. A little Valentine's Day getaway to NYC sounds like the best way to celebrate! Sucks that you guys had delays and had to separate at the end but glad you still got to spend some time together!

    1. Yep, it was pretty much the perfect weekend and a great valentine's day